3 thoughts on “Video: Gavin Schmidt pleads for warmists to abandon use of ‘denier’”

  1. It is a slander of the worst sort. The shrill rhetoric of extreme environmental ideologues like Al Gore is offensive in the extreme and their zeal and evident pleasure in using such terms over and over again should signal rational people that something in their message smells. Playing the Nazi card should be recognized as the last refuge of scoundrels.

  2. Of course they have a right to do so, Jim.

    It’s just not polite, particularly when folks have asked people to stop using it.

    It’s also not accurate. The ones denying anything these days are the folks denying that for the last decade and a half, the warming has stopped.

    Finally, it’s quite counterproductive. Instead of reflecting on the person you are tarring with the term, the tar adheres to those using the term.

    Which is why folks like Gavin advise against using it.


  3. If someone wants to use the word “denier” they have an absolute right to do so. Anyone who thinks that they can tell other people which words they can use is a moronic idiot and a very controlling person.

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