4 thoughts on “The Economist: You’re Going to Get Wet”

  1. I’ll be happy to take those beachfront homes off their hands for a nominal $1.00 each. AND I’ll throw in a free 1 yr AAA membership to ensure you get where you want to go. I’m happy to make these sacrifices for my at-risk brethren. Please apply at my email address…..

  2. Jim Sweet; Me too. I’d be happy to be your neighbor.Same deal. But do you think the people we’ve so generously assisted might decide to move to some other risky location?

  3. I think I should help both of you as well. But we need to spread it around a bit so that everyone on the coasts has a chance. I suggest that we each pick a different state to start with.

    Now I’ll take the worst one, since I suggested it. I’ll start with Hawaii. One of you take California, and the other Florida to start.

    Sound good?

  4. Don’t even consider it in Florida-the county will see it a future luxury marina and tax it accordingly. Happens way too often here.

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