4 thoughts on “The Economist: You’re Going to Get Wet”

  1. Don’t even consider it in Florida-the county will see it a future luxury marina and tax it accordingly. Happens way too often here.

  2. I think I should help both of you as well. But we need to spread it around a bit so that everyone on the coasts has a chance. I suggest that we each pick a different state to start with.

    Now I’ll take the worst one, since I suggested it. I’ll start with Hawaii. One of you take California, and the other Florida to start.

    Sound good?

  3. Jim Sweet; Me too. I’d be happy to be your neighbor.Same deal. But do you think the people we’ve so generously assisted might decide to move to some other risky location?

  4. I’ll be happy to take those beachfront homes off their hands for a nominal $1.00 each. AND I’ll throw in a free 1 yr AAA membership to ensure you get where you want to go. I’m happy to make these sacrifices for my at-risk brethren. Please apply at my email address…..

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