The Economist cools on global warming: ‘Consensus seems to be falling apart’; Public may have been ‘systematically deceived’

From “A Cooling Consensus” in The Economist:

GLOBAL warming has slowed. The rate of warming of over the past 15 years has been lower than that of the preceding 20 years. There is no serious doubt that our planet continues to heat, but it has heated less than most climate scientists had predicted. Nate Cohn of the New Republic reports: “Since 1998, the warmest year of the twentieth century, temperatures have not kept up with computer models that seemed to project steady warming; they’re perilously close to falling beneath even the lowest projections”…

The rather heated debates we have had about the likely economic and social damage of carbon emissions have been based on that idea that there is something like a scientific consensus about the range of warming we can expect. If that consensus is now falling apart, as it seems it may be, that is, for good or ill, a very big deal.

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7 thoughts on “The Economist cools on global warming: ‘Consensus seems to be falling apart’; Public may have been ‘systematically deceived’”

  1. “Progressive Democrats” have about as much to do with democracy as National Socialists had to do with socialism.

  2. Heinlein had the heart of the issue in his quotation: “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. ”
    Those who are desperate to remain in control must grab onto *something* to use as the reins with which to control everyone else. When the horse ignores the reins, they will try the crop, and then the the spurs.
    REAL men will always respect the horse, and count themselves fortunate to stay in the saddle for 8 seconds.
    The enviros have been in the saddle far too long. Time to buck ’em!

  3. The low-information voters have been systematically deceived. The low-information politicians have either been deceived or have contributed to deceiving their voters. And nearly all are “progressives” — the deceivers and the deceived alike. Makes conspiracy theories look seriously plausible.

  4. the wheels slowly come off the wagon and more and more social fashionistas slowly moon-walk towards the exits.

  5. too true Allen. It’s a cabal of folks who find no justification for their existence seeking “that cause” which will make them relevant. In older days folks had religion, patriotism, and other “good” causes to join and derive personal satisfaction for participating. The new, more ‘sophisticated’ citizens of the world are untethered and grasping at any straw before drowning in their own insignificance.

  6. Greens have always grabbed a fad and run full throttle with it until it’s finally debunked, then they grab another. A while back it was “acid rain”, when that wore out they dreamed up the “Ozone hole”, never mind that the boogey man was 8 times heavier than air and had to rise against the downward air currents at the antartic in order to do this. They convienently chose to measure the “hole” during the antartic winter when it thins naturally every year. After the novelty of this wore off, they discovered CO2.

    They have to have some “planet threat” to ride to fame and fortune and make “heroes” out of themselves. When people finally get wise to one, they dream up another.

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