The Austrian Joke: Schwarzenegger vows to ‘terminate’ climate change

Peninsula Qatar reports:

ALGIERS: US actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed in Algeria yesterday to press his bid to “terminate” threats to the environment through his climate action campaign.

The star of the Terminator and Predator movies said the world needed to “do better” if the goal of a 75 percent global reduction in greenhouse emissions is to be achieved.

“It is also important that I play the Terminator and terminate the environmental problem in real life — and that is exactly what I am doing,” Schwarzenegger told an Algiers news conference.

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One thought on “The Austrian Joke: Schwarzenegger vows to ‘terminate’ climate change”

  1. Does this mean that from now on Schwarzenegger is going to fly economy class and stay in low carbon emitting 2 star motels while preaching the word?

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