Ten Nobel Peace Prize winners ask Obama to reject Keystone XL

They claim global warming will kill “hundreds of millions.”

From the media release:

The letter reminds the President and Secretary of State that, “Climate change threatens all of us, but it is the world’s most vulnerable who are already paying for developed countries’ failure to act with their lives and livelihoods. This will only become more tragic as impacts become worse and conflicts are exacerbated as precious natural resources, like water and food, become more and more scarce. Inaction will cost hundreds of millions of lives—and the death toll will only continue to rise.”

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15 thoughts on “Ten Nobel Peace Prize winners ask Obama to reject Keystone XL”

  1. There was one from Iran and we where lead to believe the Islamist made no contributions to our cultures. Jimma Carter and algorzeera were not on the list of signees. I’m disappointed.

  2. Sorry bunch! Only one from the US. and only three from this side of the globe. But I must admit the have a great way of making stupidity sound coherent.

  3. Why does anyone bother to listen to these people? Nobel Peace Prize recipients are like people who complain about rectal itching while seated atop a porcupine.

  4. Give me ten Nobel Prize winners in Physics or Chemistry and I will listen. Give me ten Nobel Prize winners in Economics and I will listen skeptically. Give me ten Nobel Peace Prize winners and I will either yawn or throw rocks.

  5. I thought these were the same people who say the earth is “over populated.” Wouldn’t the “millions of lives lost” be the desired outcome?

  6. Speaking of Gore-Obama type peace prizes, how do these 10 feel about sending small arms to jihadis in Syria?

  7. All ten are Peace Prize winners of the Gore-Obama type. Poor understanding of science, including economics. Let’s not listen to this, shall we?

  8. Wow, what a collection of…well, it’s really, really humorous when people like this step so far from their fields of expertise.

  9. The assumption is Canada cannot find any alternative to the pipeline. Let’s hope the Canadians turn out to be more clever than Obama (just kidding–how can they not be?). Pipeline or no, they are going to continue marketing the oil sands.

  10. 55.3 million people die each year, worldwide, from all causes. That’s about 600 million in the next decade, with or without “climate change”. The number will continue to grow because the global population continues to grow.

  11. Dear Mr. President, ……my statistics show that approval of the pipeline will save thousands of millions of lives….

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