8 thoughts on “Sundance Kid: ‘Our weather is out of whack’ — Obama should fix it”

  1. Why doesn’t Obama just give a speech at some university and point his finger? Otta’ do it huh.

  2. Let us “fix” the climate by returning to a more natural state.
    We can start by tearing down Redford’s houses and other buildings in the Rockies. We must demand a Presidentail order forcing Redford to do so.
    Once this is done, we can listen to him about forcing others to comply with his wishes.

  3. Redford and many others long for the good old days when humans were firmly in control of the weather and climate. If we’d just put a majority of Democrats in The House, I’m sure they’d be happy to show us how it’s done. There’s nothing on the planet that a gaggle of liberals can’t control.

  4. Another inane comment by a no-nothing celebrity. Every one of these people have limited knowledge about anything and tend to opine on matters about which they know very little.

  5. If weather didn’t constantly change, there’d be no Weather Channel. There’d be no local forecast on TV every evening. Variability is the essence of weather.

  6. Afraid of weather. And that is what they’re selling on the news too. As Scott Pelley intoned last night, there’s been a LOT of SEVERE WEATHER this year. Rain, lightning, thunder, and snow. Pay no attention to the late spring and summer and presence of only one major tornado. But there was that one tornado and the skiing went later than ever. Oh no!

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