12 thoughts on “Sen. Durbin says global warming causing ‘the evaporation of our Great Lakes’”

  1. Obviously we must address this serious issue by stopping Chicago from taking all that precious lake water. I’m sure Durbin would lead the charge for that.

  2. The land that the glaciers were on is springing up now that weight is gone. So, it is now wonder that the depth appears to be changing.

  3. How about reminding him that true global warming created the Great Lakes. When the Ice Age ended (as the world got warmer) the glaciers receded and left, among other things, the Great Lakes.

  4. Also is the fact that the western end of Lake Superior is rising causing the water to pour out into Lake Huron. Six inches or so over the last 100 years.

  5. “This pattern of events doesn’t fit very well with existing models of global warming, which suppose a gradual rise in greenhouse gases, Lofgren said. A sudden change like the one experienced in the late 1990s — followed by a decade and a half of fairly stable levels — “is particularly difficult to attribute to a gradual buildup of greenhouse gases,” he said.”

    haven’t seen much of anything that fits with those models, except the income of rent-seekers.

  6. Durbin’s style of governance reminds me of an American folk tune. “Cluck Old Hen”

  7. The man is not half right. And Politifact left out the billions of gallons that Illinois takes out of Lake Michigan every year as a complicating factor. Put that with the drought and related evaporation after periods of high heat and the near normal level low is absolutely normal and cannot in any way be attributed to global warming.

    As for the Great Lakes:
    According to NOAA, only the Michigan-Huron level reached a low (that is not statistically different than other cyclical low observations) while Ontario and Erie levels are much improved over the mid-20th century. Superior did not reach a low, but is at a low in the cycle. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/data/now/wlevels/dbd/

  8. Another day, another stupid political hack. He should save his speaking to grovel for money for his campaign.

  9. I would rate it a complete lie. The lower great lakes are at datum, Lake Huron is now at datum. No doubt the upper lakes are down from historical levels but that is a cyclical and also causes by man made construction on the St. Clair river out of Lake Huron to deepen the shipping channel and smooth the water flow. Let’s also look at the flow out of Lake Michigan through the Chicago River. I can remember in the sixties when the Lakes were just a low as they are now. Durbin should do more research or have his assistments brief him better rather than open his mouth and spew nonsense.

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