8 thoughts on “Pretty funny… The Mad Men of Climate Denial…”

  1. $600,000 since the mid-90’s, isn’t that about 0.01% of the annual us budget for finding global warming?

  2. Question, are the characteratures at all accurate? All of the people involved have been to me just usernames and bylines with well written arguments. It is nice to have a picture to go along with them.

  3. I realize that the author and artist intended this to be a “name and shame” event, but really it is an honor to be among these figures.
    I followed the link (and washed my hands afterward); the information presented in the graphic does more to prove that climate realism is underfunded than to prove it’s corrupt. That is, if you know how to read it. “$600,000 since the 1990s” works out to something like $30k per year, beans compared to the kind of money Hansen and Gore have made.

  4. I’ve been subjected to that and far, Far worse, on the site where I post my skeptic articles. I’ve at least had the satisfaction of seeing many of those people banned from the site, and had one take down all of his attacks against me… but they still keep coming.

  5. Sheesh! Another cartoonist who appears to believe that it is his god-given right to slander and libel people who disagree with his view of the world! Talk about laugh…hahahaha!

  6. Starring Richard Nixon as “James Taylor”, Vladimir Putin as “Joe Bastardi”, Neville Chamberlain as “Larry Bell”, Jim Lehrer as “Robert Bryce”, Robert Gibbs as “Myron Ebell”, Spiro Agnew as “Chris Horner”, Peter Lorre as “Steve Milloy”, and James Carville as “John Droz”.

    I know the guy who plays “Marc Morano”, I just can’t think of his name. He’s on some sitcom…..

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