Population Bomber-er Paul Ehrlich predicts ‘soaring death rates’ by 2100

But you can help Paul prevent people by signing his pathetic petition?

The Daily Mail headline is:

Global population to soar to 11 billion by 2100 as African population quadruples

In knee-jerk response, Paul Ehrlich tweets:

Screen Shot2 2013-06-14 at 10.33.13 PM

Click for Ehrlich’s petition.

5 thoughts on “Population Bomber-er Paul Ehrlich predicts ‘soaring death rates’ by 2100”

  1. Someone compared Erlich’s track record to Harold Camping’s. But After repeated failures Camping finally admitted he was wrong, Erlich never will.

  2. Paul has wised up, following Fidel’s advice: Make predictions far enough in the future that you won’t be around to explain why they didn’t happen.

  3. My Lord, is this crank still “forecasting”? The Population Bomb was the biggest fiasco to ever hit the book world. He should crawl into a hole somewhere and never, never speak again.

  4. My thoughts, exactly. I wonder why I’m even commenting on Ehrlich. BTW, if the population increases, it means that death rates for the younger will decrease resulting in an older population. The death rate among the older population may increase, so he could be right, sort of, maybe.

  5. Dr. Ehrlich’s track record is essentially zero, as others will also note. How in heaven’s name do people like Ehrlich and Sharpton get any traction? How do they keep it? Why does it leave me nauseated?

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