3 thoughts on “People-hater Paul Ehrlich hits House abortion bill as ‘Republican war on women’”

  1. I disagree.

    The biggest problem with Republicans now, is not that they are stalwart social conservatives—it’s that they are not fiscally conservative at all.
    As long as we have a speaker who cries and wets his pants every time the possibility of a government shutdown is mentioned, we aren’t going to reign in Obama’s spending or abuses of power in any significant way.

    On the specifics of this ban: 22 weeks is awfully far along. It’s about the limit of viability for premature births and I think that is a good place to draw the line.

    And make no mistake: there is no stance we can take that will prevent the Dems from slandering us as racist sexist bigot homophobes because the characterization is not based in substance.

  2. While I would choose almost anybody else to comment on this legislation other than the idiot Paul Ehrlich; I do believe that the Republicans who continue to push “the culture war” issues and, in particular, focus on abortion are simply committing political suicide.

    These social issues will lose much needed FISCAL conservative voters that the Republicans need for future electoral victories. The Republican Party needs to re-cast itself as supporting broad policies aimed at maximizing individual liberty and individual responsibility.

    The role of the government is (should be) to protect individual freedoms and civil rights. The legislature should be ensuring that the government LEAVE US ALONE to do whatever individuals feel is in their best interest. The nanny state must be disassembled.

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