4 thoughts on “People-hater Paul Ehrlich advises Pope to become ‘ethical’”

  1. I wonder how anti-natalist Ehrlich would be if they came for his children and grandchildren. ‘For the Planet (TM)’ as they say.

    Draconian methods of population control are for people of color, after all.

  2. The Pope is unmarried, childless, and celibate.
    I don’t think Ehrlich is any of those.
    Isn’t the Pope the more ethical of the two by Ehrlich’s own standards?

  3. The other interesting aspect is that the Pope derives his ethics from a divine source as opposed to a political or human source. The Pope has a set of ethics that are absolute and constant. Conversely, if the Pope were to begin telling people to stop making babies he would be directly contradicting the word of God. This, to me, falls along the same lines as those who say we should add amendments to the bible to make it more modern.

  4. Of course one can be “green” and “pro-natalist” at the same time. Good stewardship and a love of life, including human life, are more likely to be found together than apart. This is a fallacy waaaay past “false choice”.
    And I may not be a Catholic, but calling on Pope Francis to be more “ethical” is quite a reach. The pope’s life appears to have been one of service, humility, honesty and simple living. How much more ethical is Ehrlich looking for?

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