7 thoughts on “Obama: Hurricane season brought to you by global warming”

  1. There’s been a lot of news coverage of Florida’s tropical storm — an interesting local event but it’s well below hurricane strength. That could make a suspicious person wonder if the news leaders are trying to gloss over the paucity of hurricanes affecting the US in recent years by making a big event out of a small event. But I’m not suspicious, so I’m sure this is really a “severe” “extreme” event.

  2. Only a fool would make Obama’s statement. It is past time to give him the label he so deserves.

  3. New IRS Form 1040-GW.
    To provide for an additional tax if you do not “believe” in global warming.

  4. Benghazi is a strech. That the world is full of risks was demonstated by the mind bogling tornadoes in Oklahoma.

  5. This is the same president who believes — correctly so far — that Americans will miss his role in the death of an ambassador and three other people at Benghazi (not to mention about a dozen injured and millions in damage), his chokehold on the economy while claiming to invigorate it, and his myriad other failings and sins of commission and omission. Of course his minions are saying things that are wrong. They’re wilfully blind or deliberately lying, but their base likes it that way.

  6. Opinion as fact. How unusual. He does pose one of the more answerable questions on the subject. He just doesn’t like the factual answer.

  7. Excuse me, but according to the British Met Office the world has not warmed in 17 years. Further, all reliable statistics shows that the number of hurricanes has been steadily declining for 40 something years. The President’s Office should evidently check their sources!

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