Nuremberg-trials-for-skeptics guy: ‘Our electricity system kills tons of people’

Show us a body, Dave Roberts.

Here’s a notable Twitter exchange between Grist writer Dave “Nuremberg-trials-for-skeptics” Roberts and Illinois Institute of Technology physics professor Jeff Terry. You decide who the “dufus” is.

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10 thoughts on “Nuremberg-trials-for-skeptics guy: ‘Our electricity system kills tons of people’”

  1. More than 10,000 people die each year in the US from diseases caused by coal-burning power plants. Fact: Our electricity system kills tons of people.

  2. More than 10,000 people die every year in the US from coal pollution-induced illnesses. Fact: Our electricity system kills tons of people.

  3. yea, cause nobody is saved by cheap electricty … I mean can’t hospitals run without electricity … and home heating and air conditioning is easy without cheap electricty …

  4. Compare the accidental electrical deaths due to personal ignorance and stupidity with the many hundreds of millions of lives that are made more abundant, healthy, enjoyable, and long lived by that self same electricity. Perhaps that 1000 lives could be saved from their personal stupid actions but at the huge cost of the truncation of the lives of the many hundreds of millions.

    I am not my brother’s keeper. Especially if he doesn’t know how to be anything but ignorant and stupid. He should be the one to pay the price for his own ignorance and stupidity. I say let the Darwin effect cleanse the human gene pool of the stupid by offering immediate and fatal consequences for their stupid acts.

    I, for one, know how to handle electricity safely and have done so for almost 70 years. Why should I be prohibited from having a full, productive, and enjoyable life because someone else insists on being terminally ignorant and stupid?

  5. It’s possible that enough people die in a year from electric-shock accidents to come up to “tons of people.” If we allow 160 lbs per, that would take 15 or so. Anything over 2000 lbs would be “tons” by mathematical definition.
    But of course this idiot means either pollution or climate change and so he’s wrong.

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