NO… massive amounts of CO2 cannot be stored underground

It’s not financially, physically or politically possible.

The Washington Times reports:

President Obama’s new climate change agenda seems to spell the eventual end for coal-fired power plants in America.

But new findings released Wednesday could offer a path to survival for the fuel, which still provides about 40 percent of the nation’s electricity.

The U.S. Geological Survey now estimates that as much as 3,000 metric gigatons of carbon dioxide could be stored underground in rock formations. Such large-scale storage would greatly reduce — or perhaps eliminate entirely — harmful carbon emissions from coal plants, seen by Mr. Obama and many others as the driving force behind climate change and the target of harsh new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Read more at the WashTimes.

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4 thoughts on “NO… massive amounts of CO2 cannot be stored underground”

  1. The Obama administration will be in charge of storage. They’ll hire someone like Solyndra to do the job. What can possibly go wrong?

  2. You need to think out of the box. No need to store it underground and pipe it great distances. Convert it to calcium carbonate. All you would need is ~7900 gigatons of calcium hydroxide, which you could get from the 1071 gigatons of calcium carbonate you made. See, a carbon neutral process.

  3. Better hope there isn’t any ground disturbance in the storage area or entire communities could be wiped out from a CO2 leak.

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