New warmist imagery: ‘Arctic death spiral’

Beneath the Arctic ice lay all sorts of resources that can make us wealthier and more able to afford whatever changes that are inevitably coming down the road.

Warmist Joe Romm writes:

The biggest story of our time is the collapse of Arctic sea ice and its impact on our extreme weather.

“Death spiral” is the right visual metaphor, as the latest monthly update of sea ice volume by creative tech guru Andy Lee Robinson shows:

arctic-death-spiral-1979-201303Read more at Climate Progress.

3 thoughts on “New warmist imagery: ‘Arctic death spiral’”

  1. Dear FK
    The source I conveniently cited for you says ‘1958 Newsreel: USS Skate, Nuclear Sub, Is First to Surface at North Pole’. Did you even look at it? Can you refute it or cite a better source?
    You should ‘play nicer’, or be more careful.

  2. Get your facts right.
    USS Skate did not surface at the North Pole. It cruised under the ice and reached the North Pole.

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