Moniz Damage Control: No ‘war on coal’; Obama for ‘all of the above’

The Associated Press reports:

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Thursday that coal will continue to play a major role in meeting America’s energy needs even as the Obama administration seeks to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Moniz dismissed claims from Republicans and some coal-state Democrats that President Barack Obama’s climate plan amounted to a war on coal. He said he and the president “strongly support an all-of-the above energy policy” that embraces traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and nuclear power, as well as renewables such as solar, wind and hydro.

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4 thoughts on “Moniz Damage Control: No ‘war on coal’; Obama for ‘all of the above’”

  1. Obama’s “all-of-the above energy policy” simply means that he’s going to tax the heck out of the energy companies that didn’t donate to him and give it to the ones that did.

  2. “All of the above strategy”–isn’t that like saying you needed to include Bernie Madoff in your “all of the above” portfolio? How about “energy that is not expensive and actually works”?

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