6 thoughts on “Moment of Honesty: Warmist Gavin Schmidt admits he tore his hair out after reading ‘State of Fear’”

  1. It’s too bad that leftist Hollywood will never make the movie of Micahael Crichton’s book.

    Such a film would have to depend for its dramatic impetus upon the premise that our warmista ‘viros would be willing to murder innocent people in order to induce the kinds of panic they need to definitively foreclose “denier” resistance to their preposterous Cargo Cult Science crap.

    Which is, of course, not only plausible but probable given what we’ve seen of these Agenda-21-pushing humanity-haters, but could you ever get such a film greenlighted in that Stalingrad-on-the-Seacoast called Los Angeles?

  2. “They’re denying evidence.”

    Er, what evidence, you lying sons of bitches?

    These climate charlatans dance around their costly, gaudy, disconnected-from-reality computerized “models” without ever making response to the multiple requests for explanation of their methodologies or observational data which actually supports their hysterical bullshit.

    The A.G.U. has become a field full of over-manured diseased Watermelons….

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