Michael Mann attacks Google for funding skeptic think tank dinner

Despite Climategate revelations that Michael Mann tried to silence skeptic scientists, Mann is going after bigger fish — Google, for funding last night’s Competitive Enterprise Institute annual dinner.

But warmism is just a sideshow for Google. Free enterprise — which the Competitive Enterprise Institute advocates — is what makes success stories like Google possible.

Mann tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.09.26 PM

Mann apparently took Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s recently attack on skeptics seriously.

5 thoughts on “Michael Mann attacks Google for funding skeptic think tank dinner”

  1. Disgraced and irrelevant , Mikey will do or say anything perpetuate his personnel delusions. Perhaps a visit to the psychiatrist would be more productive than bothering people on Twitter. They’re better equipped to help with your specific ‘problem’, (you saving the world and all), not complaining about Google. Your behavior speaks for itself, here’s a head start. Your welcome.

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