Meteorologists quit Meteorological Society because Society position on climate based on dogma, not science

Meteoroliogist Tim Kelley tweeted:

As Kelley later explained:

22 thoughts on “Meteorologists quit Meteorological Society because Society position on climate based on dogma, not science”

  1. Since much of the scientific community is tied to government funding, it’s not surprising that the results of their ‘research’ supports the beliefs of those providing their funding…

  2. Johan, aside from spell check deficiency, you are spot on with your suspicions. The governments of Man, situated in the UN, established the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for the express purpose of discovering an adverse link between man and Earth’s climate, whether one existed or not.

    A handful of scientists, enticed with a promise of never ending funding, along with a large number of bureaucrats, enticed with never ending power, cooked the books on a woefully inadequate data set to manufacture the infamous “greenhouse gas effect” hypothesis linked to CO2 emissions and illustrated with their (now famously disappearing) hockey stick diagram. Voila! A worldwide religion was born.

    The UN subsequently anointed AL Gore, ex vice president, C student in Earth Science at Yale, and progressive media darling as their high priest of propaganda to go forth and declare Mother Earth was doomed, on the word of a “consensus” of the scientific community (neither proven or true), hence the “debate is over.”

    Palm leaves were strewn at his holiness’s feet as he entered countless television studios to spread the word of Mother Earth and the need to cast out the instrument of the Dark Angels (the Skeptics), Fossil Fuels. For his efforts the High Priest of Global Warming was showered with accolades (Oscars, Peace Prizes, on ad infinitum). And the media declared it a heresy to defy him. Shout down all non-believers. Stone them if you must just silence them!

    Yes Johan, a new secular religion was birthed, designed to transfer power from the people to the government. The citizens of the world need to be very, very afraid of this False God, since there is no end to the harassing legislation that will come out of it, restricting individual freedoms with unending regulations and crippling world economies by transferring wealth from the private sector to the bureaucrats and scientists who begat the religion of Anthropogenic (man made) Global Warming.

    But then you probably already knew that.

  3. hmmm…4 out of 14,000 quit (.000285); statistically insignificant. But, 115 out of 4,000,000,000 (the number of years of global weather data compared to predicted age of earth) (.00000002875); definitive proof. Not sure I understand statistics…or, maybe somebody else doesn’t.

  4. There is no other discipline in science where direct fraud is used so relentlessly and immorally as in climate “science”. The reason is uncelar to men, nut one may be that it is virtually impossible to devise a repeatable experiment to check and falsify theories. Another reason is that politicians have discovered that climate propaganda is a very efficient vehicle for seizing and keeping power and climate “scientists” have discovered that this gives tehmn a never ending souircof funds

  5. it’s just like macro-evolution. in this country if you think there are a lot of holes in the ‘THEORY’ you’re kicked out of the club. secular faith [in this case, bad science] is as intolerant as it gets.
    climate science is just as closed to certain challenges.
    will never make for good science or the pursuit of truth.

  6. Actually, it’s at least 4::

    In last 24 hrs, correspondence w 3 multi decade members of The American Meteorological Society, we all quit due to AMS position on

  7. John Currie:
    The answer is “3”: “correspondence w 3 multi decade member”
    So 3/14,000 = 0.00021 = 0.021 % of membership.
    It’s a calamity.

  8. To John Currie: what you are asking is irrelevant. What you really want to know is how many professional meteorologists are members of the AMS (excluding students and enthusiasts) and what is their ratio to the total body of professional meteorologists. You also want to look at that ratio over time, say the last 20 years to establish a rate of increase or decline. Then for giggles, chart the same for total body membership including students and enthusiasts over time..

  9. Those post-catastrophists worshiped in a manner not too dissimilar to current catastrophists. Except that Dean is not insisting that his offerings — us — be virgins.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  10. Dogma is the most apt description of warmist policy that I have heard. It is like the old story “The Lottery” where the people, for no logical reason, offered a human sacrifice to make their crops grow and chanted “Lottery in June, corn’ll grow soon!”

  11. Some who stay in the AMS are simply trying to lend a balanced voice by refusing to cave under pressure but it’s kind of like shoveling s**t against the tide. If all the real scientists leave it will just turn into another political hack organzation for the kooks out there, which it pretty much is now anyway. How about organizing a takeover by recruiting those who are still scientists or starting a new organization? Call it the ‘Free Thinking Meteorologist Society’.

  12. Scientists can be so hard headed and political they hurt themselves, like know. Dogma has NO place in science. The scientific method has no room for closed thinking. I really don’t think that they “Think”, they only “think” what they’ve heard. Pity them, they have become robots.

  13. Well, they need to listen to people like Joe Bastardi at who’s only agenda is to get the truth out. He is more worried about the cold going forward and how America will be able to cope!

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