Memo to Warmists: Climate scientist Andrew Weaver is not a Nobel prize winner

A Climate Science Watch essay entitled, “No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy” opens with:

“To the extent that we tolerate the suppression of science in Canada, we can expect a correlative suppression of democracy,” writes Carol Linnitt in “Harper’s attack on science: No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy.” Nobel Prize-wining climate scientist Andrew Weaver says “we have a crisis in Canada … in terms of the development of information and science to inform decision-making. What we have replaced that with is an ideological approach to decision-making.” [Emphasis added]

Like Michael Mann, the University of Victoria’s Andrew Weaver is no Nobel winner.

Climate Science Watch’s tagline is “Promoting integrity in the use of climate science by government.” But if it can’t get correct something simple like who is and who is not a Nobel winner, it will be hard to take the rest of what its integrity seriously.

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  1. I see that the latest rounds of predictions of a recovery in Artic Sea Ice are melting away. Both the volume and the extent are well into their annual cliff jump.

    The volume is already 2 standard deviations below the trend line.

    The summer of 2010 was a tipping point, where the summer time minimum volume began to decline sharply to newer lows every summer.

    The maximum volume took longer to reach than the previous 2 years, and started to decline almost at once.

    The McClure Parry Passage will be opening soon. After centuries of failed attempts to sail through it that passage has begun to open every year.

    I remember the “Ice Ramming” MV Manhattan trying to bust it’s way through in 1968 and again in 1968. Both times it kept getting stuck in 20 meter pressure ridges and had to be freed from the grip of the ice by a Canadian Ice Breaker before giving up and changing course farther south, through more dangerous, shallow waters entirely within Canada’s recognized maritime boundaries.

    According to the Chief Navigator / Oceanographer of the USA Navy commercial transports will be sailing over the pole for months every summer, within decades.

  2. Let’s be a little fair to the IPCC participants. The IPCC got the award, albeit in an ongoing period of shame for it. It’s a bit much to claim that all members and participants in the IPCC for that period are Nobel winners, true, but they all have a stake in that Nobel. If the Nobel had gone to, say, United Methodist Church Committee on Relief, all of its team members would feel a well-earned pride in the award. I dunno exactly how you’d cite that easily in a news article, though.

  3. H’m. Apparently, in Canada, “disagreement” is a synonym for “suppress.” That comports well with their recent innovations in “free speech.”

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