Maryland Gov. O’Malley: Cruise ship jobs more important than EPA air rules

And the enviros lambaste him for it.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Gov. Martin O’Malley has interceded with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines after the company threatened to pull its business from Baltimore over a pending air-quality regulation that would require large, ocean-going ships to burn cleaner fuel.

3 thoughts on “Maryland Gov. O’Malley: Cruise ship jobs more important than EPA air rules”

  1. Not even unintended humor in that laugher. Cringer might be begin to describe making crap up to justify one’s governmental self.

  2. This is an absolute laugher. The EPA is imposing fuel sulfur standards on cruise ships operating in coastal waters because it will save ~4k emergency room visits per year and up to ~5k premature deaths/year resulting in $100b/year in health care savings. I noticed the Sun didn’t question EPA faux-stats by finding even one ER visit or premature death from coastal shipping diesel fuel sulfur. How does one define a premature death, anyway? My father-in-law will be 96 in September. He is reasonably healthy and active. I’d consider his death premature under his current circumstances.

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