10 thoughts on “Keystone XL Lunacy: Trans Canada must relocate 126 endangered beetles to build pipeline”

  1. If there are only 126 bugs, then collect them and raise more. I’m sure the pipeline will happily fund feeding 126, or more, bugs.

  2. If a species of insect has reached a population level such that moving 126 might make the difference between survival and extinction, then it won’t make the difference between survival and extinction. The species is on its way out.

  3. How do they know the population is limited to 126 bugs? Have they had a Sec. 7 Consultation or is this something new? My experience with USFWS they sure don’t go out and count them. So what happens if they can only find 124? It is a common ploy to use the ESA to stop a project if nothing else works.

  4. Nonsense like this simply proves that idiots will grasp at any straw to save themselves from drowning as their ship is going down, or their fear-tactics used for gaining government grants are threatened. Harvest and send the endangered beetles to me–I’ll use them as fly fishing bait for bass, and they’ll have served a glorious purpose in their lives.

  5. Thank goodness it’s 126 beetles, and not 126 *species* of beetles.

    The main point of discovering endangered species is to have them on hand as pretexts to stop development projects.

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