Joe Bastardi smacks warmist Stefan Rahmsdorf’s claim that warming is causing European flooding

Rahmsdorf apparently believes that no bad weather shouldn’t be blamed on global warming. But Joe Bastardi looks at the data.

German warmist Stefan Rahmsdorf is blaming recent European flooding on global warming. He essentially claims that a reduced temperature global gradient is causing weather patterns to stall — in this case a cold, low pressure system over Europe.

But Meteorologist Joe Bastardi says:

In times of low solar activity, such as we have now (in spite of being near the max for this pathetic solar cycle), the mean 500 mb field over Europe looks like this (below left image) and rainfall looks like this (below right image).

There is blocking over the top causing enhanced precipitation and cool temperatures over Europe.

All Rahmsdorf needed to do was to measure the years with a similar geomagnetic field (no doubt he has the data). It’s a sign that the sun is going to sleep — which is part of the theory concerning and imminent mini ice age.

BUT HE OBVIOUSLY DID NOT LOOK, and instead tried to latch on to something other what simple research would have shown to be a precursor to such events!!!!

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 3.11.22 PM

2 thoughts on “Joe Bastardi smacks warmist Stefan Rahmsdorf’s claim that warming is causing European flooding”

  1. your right, the Church lady is spot on. I usually use the skit with Will Ferrel on Celebrity Jeopardy
    Simply stunning

  2. Someone needs to turn this ALL AROUND….

    Can they explain EACH and EVERY event? This one is caused by “warming”, this one is NOT “warming”, “is”, “is”, “isn’t”, “is”, isn’t”, “isn’t”….

    And then, WHY that particular event is, or is not!

    I would think that it would become patently obvious to any idiot on the planet (well… maybe not ANY) that they just pick the convenient incidents knowing a new on is on the way soon enough. Its a Global Bum’s Rush!

    It reminds me of that Church Lady skit Dana Carvey used to do….


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