IOM Sodium Report Ignites Controversy

Roll Call reports:

The 2010 dietary guidelines recommend decreasing daily intake to below 2,300 milligrams, with further reductions for specific groups. People who are 51 and older, as well as individuals of any age who are African-American or have hypertension, diabetes or chronic kidney disease, are advised to reduce their consumption to 1,500 milligrams.

But the conclusions highlighted in the IOM report muddy that picture, to the concern of some health advocates but the agreement of producers.

Morton Satin, vice president of science and research for the Salt Institute, said he found the report shocking because of the IOM’s past positions and considers it to be a paradigm shift in his trade association’s favor. His group has been trying to bring this type of data to light, he said.

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One thought on “IOM Sodium Report Ignites Controversy”

  1. I only eat salt for medicinal purposes… to keep my blood pressure from falling too low.

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