Gov. Moonbeam: Climate change is reversible

So does the climate go beep-beep when it cools?

Somehow we missed this gem from Jerry Brown’s commencement address delivered at UC Berkeley on May 20. Gov. Brown said:

All these problems are serious and count as some kind of crisis. But even more threatening is the report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s monitoring station in Hawaii. On May 9th of this year, the agency reported that the main greenhouse gas blamed for global warming—carbon dioxide—averaged 400.03 parts per million.

It was at least three million years ago that CO2 levels were ever this high. Then, the polar ice caps were much smaller and sea levels were 60 feet higher.

If that happened today, the airport runways in Oakland and San Francisco would be under water. Our view of the ocean from the Greek Theater would be scenic but very alarming.

Of course, the changes in our climate are not happening in political time. By Twitter standards, the pace is very slow but inexorable and, most troubling, soon to be irreversible.

Gov. Moonbeam…. climate change is as reversible as time.

3 thoughts on “Gov. Moonbeam: Climate change is reversible”

  1. A thousand years ago King Canute (aka Cnut the Great, king of the North Sea Empire) also thought he could control nature. The physical universe has not changed since then. Neither has the arrogance of power.

  2. Brown has a BA and a law degree. Why aren’t the warmists telling him he’s not qualified and to shut up?

  3. I’m always impressed by folks who can control the climate. How much does he charge to make rain in drought areas?

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