Google CEO Eric Schmidt goes Malthusian: ‘We can’t afford others to have our carbon footprint’

The Register reports:

Speaking specifically about China and other emerging countries, he said that as he sees it “the math doesn’t add up” when it comes to addressing climate change.

“The math says that there are a couple of billion people who are going to want our carbon footprint,” he said, “and we can’t afford that carbon footprint as a global thing – and we don’t want to reduce our own.”

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3 thoughts on “Google CEO Eric Schmidt goes Malthusian: ‘We can’t afford others to have our carbon footprint’”

  1. So Mr. Schmidt proposes either to reduce everyone’s standard of living to that of a Third World village, or to keep our elite way of life and deny it to those Third World villagers. How does either position represent either compassion or realism?
    And this in pursuit of a chimera.
    It may well prove true that we’ll need to modify our industrial processes if twice as many people establish what I’ll call a decent standard of living: running water, consistent electricity, convenient transportation, decent medical facilities, clean homes and clothing. We may need to reprocess things like metal more briskly than we do now. If that need comes up, I am confident in our profit-driven industrial organizations and entrepreneurs to meet it. Doing so will provide resources people need and employment as well.
    But not if governments try to run these shows.

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