German city flooded by weather not global warming

Not doubt Al Gore will soon add the flooding of Passau, Germany to his list of global warming-caused horrors.

“Swollen rivers gushed into the old section of Passau in southeast Germany on Monday, as water rose in the city to levels not seen in more than five centuries” — i.e., during the Little Ice Age.

Read more from the Association Press.

One thought on “German city flooded by weather not global warming”

  1. CNN reports the city is covered with nearly a HALF MILE of water.

    “A normal day in Passau Germany, the Danube River reading is 550m. Today in Passau, the river reading is 1220m. A 700m difference. An increase of 2100 feet. It is almost as if a Tsunami has hit Passau, and the city surrounded by rivers is flooded. Businesses and Tourist Restaurants & Hotels are in ruin. Some residents have had to evacuate. Issues of Safe Electricity and Clean Water are threatening the security at the moment. Fire Departments and Military are helping. Flooding in Passau is not entirely uncommon, however the Passau Flood June 2013 is at Historic Levels. We thank God, though, that there is seemingly no loss of life.”

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