Feinstein to introduce carbon tax bill for power plants

The Hill reports:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she’s planning legislation that would impose a fee on carbon emissions from power plants, a measure that’s narrower than carbon bills circulated by other Democrats.

Feinstein told reporters that her bill would assess a $10-per-ton fee on emissions “just for the utility industry,” and that she plans to float the measure in a couple of weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Feinstein to introduce carbon tax bill for power plants”

  1. Straight from the land of fruits and nuts.

    Over 2,100 Metric tons of CO2 emitted from coal and had units.

    I bet she would like to get her mits on $21 billion while depriving the poor and elderly from affordable electricity.

    And for zero environmental benefit.

  2. That’s not how it works. Regulated, monopolistic power utilities have guaranteed rates of return. The added cost of a “carbon” tax will absolutely be paid by the customers.

  3. If they had any balls they would shut the plants when they are taxed or regulated into a deficit condition. If the government truely wants to shut these plants then shut them. What the government is hoping is that the power companies will eat some of the cost and pass on some of the cost to customers and not make any waves. That way the government gets more income and is able to claim they are doing good things. Screw them! Shut the plants down and begin dismantling them so that they couldn’t be opened up again. let the chips fall where they may and once people are having brownouts and power outages they will wake up and examine the AGW scam.

  4. And who do you think will be paying that 10 dollar per ton fee? You and me, that’s who!

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