Cell phone scare for men: Don’t hold your phone with your private parts

Salon interviews cell phone scaremonger Devra Davis:

Studies done by the Cleveland Clinic and other organizations around the world have found clear evidence of human sperm damage, taking sperm from one man and putting it into two different test tubes and exposing one test tube to cellphone radiation and the other not. And guess what? The cellphone exposed test tube—those sperm died three times faster with three times more damage to their mitochondrial DNA.

More people spend more time on cell phones and still no evidence of health effects. No wonder famed epidemiologists Sir Richard Doll and Richard Peto described Devra Davis’ work as:

…“uninteresting,” “quite uninformative,””boring,” and “old junk.”

Read more at Salon.

3 thoughts on “Cell phone scare for men: Don’t hold your phone with your private parts”

  1. Also (recent news item), don’t butt dial 911 while you are planing an armed robbery with your “hood”.

  2. First, she claims that the damage comes from the “modulated signal” as opposed to the “un-modulated signal”…but running at full power we are talking 1 watt or less of radiated power….

    Second, sperm cells are very susceptible to heat, light, radiation, etc., but luckily they are stored within the body where low power sources cannot affect them.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that, even if this experiment was conducted by rigorous scientific methods, the most it means is that sperm banks and fertility clinics should not allow employees handling test tubes to use cell phones at work…

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