4 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s vows to stop using GMO ingredients in North America by next year”

  1. C’mon! It’s a marketing ploy. MT Geoff has got it right. Unilever couldn’t care less about “GMO ingredients”. But they figure a significant number of their customers (or potential ones) do. Simple as that.

  2. I tend to like Ben & Jerry’s because I enjoy a few of their flavors. However, they’re also damn expensive. I can only imagine how this might drive up their prices…over emotional poppycock.

  3. GMOs appear to be harmless and so do their products.
    Ben & Jerry have a business model of appealing to the rebellious, edgy, hip side of a wealthy audience. They’re making a fortune off of the vanity of their customers. Well, to each one’s own.
    But it’s too bad that they use such a big megaphone because their appeal to the foolish vanity of their customers spills over and gives low-information voters ideas.

  4. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavorings to be GMO free? Wonderful. Does this mean all the other Unilever food products will also be GMO free? This anti-GMO fear strikes me as mass sociogenic hysteria. If there never were such things as GMO products, the “activists” would have to find something else to kvetch about. They’d cry if they were hung with a new rope.

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