Another shocking disclosure about the illegal EPA human testing experiments readers have previously learned that EPA has been subjecting human study subjects (without obtaining informed consent) to exceedingly high short-term exposures to diesel exhaust (2-hours at roughly 30x typical ambient PM2.5 exposures). You’ve also learned that these experiments have been conducted with exceedingly high short-term ozone exposures (i.e., 400 ppb, when the EPA 8-hour standard is 75 ppb). But we haven’t so far seen…

… both acute diesel exhaust and ozone exposures combined!

Here’s the risk disclosure EPA provided to its human guinea pigs:

Diesel O3 Combined Disclosure

That’s right… basically:

We don’t know what’s going to happen to you. But it could be really bad.

Once again, this experiment violates virtually EVERY provision of the letter and spirit of federal regulations promulgated to protect human research subjects — not to mention the venerable Nuremberg Code.

4 thoughts on “Another shocking disclosure about the illegal EPA human testing experiments”

  1. Thanks for staying on the case with this, Steve.

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking – not just of the EPA, but also the media, who are constantly frothing at the mouth about imaginary health hazards.

  2. The media’s failure to attack such unethical behavior speaks to the ethics of the news media. They are as criminally guilty as the experimenters and the Obama Administration.

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