American Electric Power: Possibly the stupidest utility of all time

Have been trying to ignore the absurdity of the AEP response to the Obama climate tantrum, but have seen it repeated once too often this week.

The West Virginia Gazette reports:

Officials from American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest coal-burning utilities, praised Obama for offering a “balanced approach” but said the exact carbon dioxide limits and the compliance timelines are a key piece of information that’s not yet known.

“As with any plan, the details will make the difference,” said AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry. She added that, “our industry can continue to achieve meaningful reductions and minimize economic pain” if the administration provides “maximum flexibility.”

4 thoughts on “American Electric Power: Possibly the stupidest utility of all time”

  1. The utilities are going to play the least confrontational, best advertising position. Remember, they can go to the PSC’s of each state and get the rates jacked to whatever they need if it has to do with “environmental.” The spot market will increase price because demand is high compared to production costs and everyone but consumers will make money. My paycheck comes from a green, peaking power company. The higher the spot price, the better we do. Low-cost electricity from natural gas is terrible for our bottom line. My boss wants higher-priced electricity. I’m willing to bet he is praying for elimination of coal power.

  2. AEP’s response should be to just turn off the generators, saying that it can’t meet the limits being imposed on it. That is what Obama wants since he is against coal so just do it. When the lights go out and the AC goes off all across the nation since it is all linked together, then maybe people will recognize the implications of eliminating coal as an energy source. AEP is trying to negotiate with a tyrant and this never works. I live in WV and this is a common statement.

  3. The tools of trade for many religious leaders and political leaders alike are fear, guilt and virtue.
    Fear – of a future that is mostly imagined, hell, eternal death, global warming, reds under the bed etc. Guilt – it is your fault, sin, being wasteful, living well while others suffer, making CO2 etc. And virtue – flow the rules, pay your tithe / tax, spread the gospel, eat organic, and you will be helping with the salvation.

  4. Oh hell just Google the Tennessee Valley Authority and follow it through the many E=GREEN law suits to stop the Hydro electric dam project . . billions spent and then destroyed by a Endangered Species that was not even endangered = you will see it is not about the environment it is all about politics and power to tax. You can stop the silly acts here . .

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