Alaska’s Bristol Bay mine project: Ground zero for the next big environmental fight?

“A dispute over a proposed copper and gold mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay may be one of the most important environmental decisions of President Obama’s second term — yet few are even aware that the fight is happening.”

Read more in the Washington Post.

4 thoughts on “Alaska’s Bristol Bay mine project: Ground zero for the next big environmental fight?”

  1. Well, left-wing radicals are part of many irrational obstructions. It’s part of their playbook.

  2. One of the biggest problems with many things in Alaska is that the Feds control so much of it. I say give it all (maybe not a park or so) back to the people of Alaska. Problem solved maybe?

  3. If we can’t mine copper or gold, we can’t build those wonderful wind turbines or solar panels. So the environmentalists are now against wind and solar too? Wouldn’t that prove they want everyone thrown back to the stone age?

  4. We would hate to create jobs so the native people would get off the government dole. Mining is done correctly will not harm local fisheries. Look what Homestake Mining did in South Dakota. Once they found a bacteria that would concentrate the heavy mineral waste product, the streams that were dead now hold trout. TU was part of the project and is fully aware of the results. Unfortunately, TU is now financed by radical left wing radicals.

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