4 thoughts on “25 Years Ago Today: Jim Hansen delivers famous global warming testimony to the Senate”

  1. Sadly, this is the EXACT logic I have been given by a number of my enviro friends.

    Naturally occurring chlorine radicals are OK, but the 1/10th of 1% that man made are destroying the Ozone Layer!

    Natural CO2 is OK, but the small amount made by industry is killing us all!

    In fact, they tell me that the CO2 from cars is 100 times more deadly than the CO2 from any natural source, never even being able to understand enough chemistry to see that they are the same.

    These people are too stupid to function in civil society.

  2. artificial = man made, so GHG’s from human activity are artificial. I suppose natural GHG’s don’t affect the climate and artificial ones do.

  3. “buildup of carbon dioxide and other artificial gases in the atmosphere.”

    “artificial” gases?

  4. Hansen said 4 of the hottest years had occurred in the 80’s. Wasn’t CO2 at the safe level prior to 1988? People being concerned that the temperature was 1/3 degree higher in ’88 than the ’50-’80 average is a little hard to believe. It frankly should elicit a reply of “so what”. There is no way to keep the temp of one’s house that stable with an actual thermostat.

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