Warmist: Game already over for Arctic acidification

Warmists claim to believe in evolution, yet they have no faith (at for purposes of global warming alarmism) in natural selection.

“We have already passed critical thresholds. Even if we stop emissions now, acidification will last tens of thousands of years. It is a very big experiment.”

Read more at RawStory.

3 thoughts on “Warmist: Game already over for Arctic acidification”

  1. Do you notice that they never provide actual pH values? They either cannot or will not be pinned downed to values that can be reviewed.

  2. Well for them natural selection means selecting whatever will seem to support their agenda.

  3. Here’s how it works for the Green Left. Nature is “in balance” and any change is due to human influences which inflict only one thing — extinction. The effect of this is to “destroy biodiversity”. I.e., species number changes in only one direction, and the trend is toward zero.

    In other words, evolution has stopped.

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