5 thoughts on “Warmist Excitement: Atmospheric CO2 rebounds to 399.71 ppm on May 7 — 3rd highest reading”

  1. All around the world, NGOs have press releases pre-written and ready to go for the moment CO2 hits 400 ppm. The phones of pliant journalists are poised and ready to ring. 3,600+ tweeters are watching the Twitter account of the Keeling Curve https://twitter.com/Keeling_curve and ready to retweet upon hitting the ‘magic number’. We know exactly who will be celebrating hitting 400 ppm, and how they will be doing it.

  2. Considering the well-known physics of CO2, as acknowledged by even Hansen and Gore, the effect of a change from 350 to 400 will be too small to measure and humans didn’t produce all of it anyway — nor even a very large part of it.
    The CAGW theory, in whatever terms, has always been based on the implausible positive feedback mechanisms. Instead experience demonstrates what most scientists would expect: negative feedbacks that tend to dampen out extremes. Even the idea of the deep ocean absorbing a lot of the heat, an idea that needs some justification if the upper levels are still cool, is just another negative feedback mechanism — as are increasing clouds, aerosols, etc.

  3. What an exciting event. I can hardly wait. The significance of the next 0.19 ppm is of such import we should declare a national holiday.

  4. Did we say 400 ppm was bad, the point of no return? Our boo boo, we meant to say 4,000 ppm. Keep sending us money, our latest model says at some stage we will eventually produce a hindsight model that’s correct.

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