2 thoughts on “WaPo gives John Kerry three Pinocchios for climate comments”

  1. Secretary Kerry seems to be a thoughtful guy with a good heart. It took him far too long to figure out the POW hoax with respect to the end of the Viet Nam War, but he did eventually get it right. There never has been a scintilla of evidence of any American POW held after the war.

    Why he supported the Iraq invasion is beyond me. Maybe it is in law school instruction. Mrs. Clinton too was a renowned lawyer and a dunce at the same time.

  2. Secretary Kerry may have been mistaken or he may have been lying — we’ve seen both in his Senate career.
    WaPo misses two crucial points, though. First, the US was never bound by Kyoto because it was never ratified by the US Senate. Second, Kyoto was an exercise in futility to begin with. Our meeting or missing the Kyoto targets has no effect on climate.

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