WaPo: Five Myths About Tornados

5. Climate change is producing tornadoes of increasing frequency and intensity.

There have always been F5 tornadoes, and we will continue to experience them regardless of whether the Earth’s temperature rises or falls. National Weather Service figures show, if anything, that violent tornadoes — F3 or greater on the Fujita scale — are becoming less frequent. There is no trend, neither up nor down, in the frequency of all tornadoes.

Read mote at the Washington Post.

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  1. We have always had tornados. Tornado alley has had “scare holes”, (underground storm shelters) since at least the early 20th century, because of, well, tornados. “The Wizard of Oz was not written about an upslope zephyr. Further north, tornado events come and go. We may see 20 years without one and then have a half dozen in one summer, and see tornados every year for the next five years. Right now we have been enjoying a lull for about five years, while our “climate heats alarmingly!”

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