UTexas warmist: Anti-science politicians only in the U.S. and Islamic nations

From an Austin American-Statesman report on University of Texas “star climatologist” Camille Parmesan:

In Europe, everybody accepts that climate change is real, she says, and the discussion can begin with its effects and what to do about it. In the U.S., she has to spend a lot of time presenting data proving that climates are changing.

“What’s difficult for me is when people are convinced they know what’s happening, and they are totally wrong,” she says. “What I think is so harmful about what some politicians are doing is that people do look up to them. There’s a group of politicians who are virulently anti-science. I don’t know why the U.S. is that way, and it’s only in the U.S. — and a lot of Islamic nations.” That, she says, is why England is a breath of fresh air.

“I do love Austin, and I am a native Texan,” she says. “But you get tired of fighting.”

Read more at the American-Statesman.

4 thoughts on “UTexas warmist: Anti-science politicians only in the U.S. and Islamic nations”

  1. Poor Camille. A nice enough soul it seems, but she’s hitched her scientific career to the wrong train and the end of the line isn’t far off.

    Sucks to spend years trying to prove something that just isn’t so.

  2. Camille–I too love Austin. I was born there and graduated from U.T. I, too have difficulty accepting people who “are convinced they know what’s happening”…people like…you. Perhaps you do not know that there are intelligent and credentialed scientists across the world that question the current dogma of climate science. Please take off your blinders and take a look at some of the arguments from the “other side”. If you are a true scientist, you know that this is your obligation. People who do not agree with you are not “virulently anti-science”. “Scientists” who refuse to give a full consideration of questions in science are “virulently anti-science” and they are not scientists.

  3. Of course she’s mistaken; there are climate realists in Europe and around the globe. Lord Monckton and many others.
    As for data “proving” the warmist theory, well, no data does prove it.
    Is it A&M with the “climate pledge”? Saw it from Powerline.

  4. Sounds like she is not so much tired of fighting, as tired of losing the fight.

    Used to be, scientists move to other countries so they could enjoy the freedom of their theorieis and hypotheses and conclusions. Now it seems they move to other countries [she is moving to GB, right?] so they won’t have their theories, hypotheses and coclusions questioned.

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