UN food nannies agree to ignore blockbuster U.S. report on salt

Even though the Institute of Medicine recently reported that there is no scientific evidence warranting dramatic cuts in dietary salt intake, the World Health Organization just called for a 30% reduction.

Businessweek reports:

Nations at the World Health Assembly in Geneva agreed to a target to reduce average daily salt consumption by 30 percent by 2025…

The WHO recommends less than 5 grams of salt or 2 grams of sodium per person per day. Americans over 2 years old consume an average of 3.4 grams of sodium a day, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lowering sodium intake too much may increase the risk of some health problems, the U.S. Institute of Medicine wrote in a study published May 14.

“The reduction of salt intake in populations is unavoidably a slow process as technological barriers and food safety concerns need to be addressed,” said Lisa McCooey, deputy director general of FoodDrinkEurope, an industry organization that represents companies including Coca-Cola Co. (KO), Nestle SA (NESN) and Unilever NV. (UNA) “Consumer acceptance of reduced salt products is critical so allowing for the necessary taste adaptation over time is key,” she said in an e-mail.

Read more at Businessweek.

Click for the IOM report.

2 thoughts on “UN food nannies agree to ignore blockbuster U.S. report on salt”

  1. The UN will improve only when women are represented in equal numbers , roughly, to men – all else considered. They are generally smarter and more honest, and less brain-washed. I said ‘generally’.

  2. Since there is no scientific bases for the decision, their goal is not human health. It is heavy handed centralized top down power and control over every human on earth. The consequence of achieving that is human extinction. Since that consequence is well known to anyone who has studied history to beyond superficial myth (see the bloody history of the 20th century as a case in point), it is also their motivation and ultimate goal.

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