Trial lawyers line up against Keystone XL

But if Keystone XL were truly a disaster waiting to happen, why not let it be built and then sue after the inevitable occurred?

The editor of Trial Lawyer Magazine, not likely ranting of school, raves against Keystone XL with “Ring of Fire” radio show host Mike Papantonio. Ring of Fire is a project of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Toward the end, host Papantonio asks why TransCanada should be trusted considering that BP “destroyed” the Gulf Coast and that the Gulf Coast is “still destroyed” today.

Watch the video.

3 thoughts on “Trial lawyers line up against Keystone XL”

  1. Papantonio should be hung in a public square. He is a monster, as is his pal Robert kennedy Jr.

  2. I’ve been living on the LA Gulf Coast for years. Why have I never been informed that it was destroyed?

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