Tom Steyer: Billionaire, enviro…. hypocrite

We love it when greens run their mouths.

Elitist Tom Steyer conned the Washington Post into puffing him up as a candidate for Secretary of Energy. Now he’s trying to buy a Senate seat for Ed Markey.

Tom Steyer told Grist:

You talk about environmental justice. You talk about health. The reason Latinos are so aware of environmentalism is that companies have traditionally put their dirtiest plants in poorer neighborhoods, because poorer communities have no political clout. Then their kids have breathing problems.

Below is a photo of Tom Steyer’s San Francisco home. What sort of “plant” (“dirty” or not) would he let anyone build near it?

Tom Steyer home

Steyer’s seaside home in the Hamptons looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 12.10.48 PM

4 thoughts on “Tom Steyer: Billionaire, enviro…. hypocrite”

  1. What you say here is irrelevant. The point of the article is that the guy is a hypocrite for living in a nice neighborhood. He may be a jerk. He may be a hypocrite for other reasons. But this allegation is a mere unjustified smear. Surely you can figure this out, right?

  2. David,

    pull your head out and use it to think. Other than buy homes where those alledged dirty plants are NOT, what has Steyer actually done to provide affordable energy to those poor people who alledgedly are having their health damaged by dirty plants??

    Given more handouts to GE and other mega corps to build Windmills and Solar Plants that raise the cost of energy in exchange for campaign donations???

    Oh yeah, the EPA will shut down dirty plants now unless they are politically connected to Barry, Steyer… So, after 5 years of the Barry regime, whose fault is it if there are DIRTY PLANTS operating???

    I should mention that Coal Plants were upgraded to reasonable emissions years ago and nuclear and gas simply are not dirty. So, would you like to point us to one of those Dirty Plants in a poor neighborhood that isn’t Barry and Steyer’s fault??? I don’t think you will find one, but, go for it!!

  3. A totally scurrilous screed. Shame on you for printing it. So the point is:
    Because he says dirty plants are put in poor neighborhoods where folks don’t have the clout to complain, then….. well, what? … that he should move to a poor neighborhood? (that seems to be the implication, how absurd).

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