The Economist: ‘Betting against tough climate policies seems almost prudent’

Skepticism is becoming more prudent everyday as warmism fades into the abyss where eugenics lies.

The Economist observes:

“ExxonMobil alone plans to spend $37 billion a year on exploration in each of the next three years. Such behaviour, on the face of it, makes no sense. One possible explanation is that companies are betting that government climate policies will fail; they will be able to burn all their reserves, including new ones, after all.”

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4 thoughts on “The Economist: ‘Betting against tough climate policies seems almost prudent’”

  1. This is a matter of “Once you believe the first lie, all the other lies follow.” The whole “carbon drives temperature” thesis is the first lie.

  2. Even without the risk of climate legislation there would still be reason to extract petroleum products owing to their use in manufactured goods.

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