Tangled Web: PETA hits Chris Christie for killing spider; Meanwhile spider bite alleged to kill metal band guitarist

Perhaps Christie wasn’t as “thoughtless” as PETA claims.

TalkingPointsMemo reports:

On Friday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie posted a video showing him smashing a spider on his desk in front of a group of visiting school children. In a statement provided to TPM, Ingrid Newkirk, president of People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, described Christie’s killing of the spider as a thoughtless act.

“He probably did it without thinking. Some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people, and that can prevent them from pondering their worth,” Newkirk said.

Meanwhile, the AP reports:

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman thought he was on the mend after a spider bite followed by an infection. He’d been writing songs with the band in anticipation of recording a new album later this year.

But in an unusual chain of events, a representative for the band said the bite may have contributed to Hanneman’s death more than two years later.

Hanneman died Thursday morning of liver failure at a Los Angeles hospital with his wife, Kathy, by his side, according to Slayer spokeswoman Heidi Robinson-Fitzgerald. He was 49.

Family members and doctors were not immediately available to discuss the cause of death.

Robinson-Fitzgerald said Hanneman had been slowly recovering from necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that nearly cost him his arm. Such an infection can develop from a minor cut or scratch; Robinson-Fitzgerald blamed the spider bite, for which he failed to seek immediate treatment. She said he was bitten while in a friend’s hot tub.

7 thoughts on “Tangled Web: PETA hits Chris Christie for killing spider; Meanwhile spider bite alleged to kill metal band guitarist”

  1. I am not for killing all spiders, but after my hubby was bitten by a hobo spider and I keep getting bitten by some type of spider that causes a bite that peels three or four times before healing (all bites occurred inside my house), spiders don’t do as well in my house as they used to. I do forbid the killing of the house spiders that live outdoors, as well as garden spiders on my lot. I also keep reptiles, but would not let rattlesnakes or copperheads roam my house. It’s different when the critters are in my territory. (I am a fan of many bug and reptiles–I raise cockroaches. I just keep them confined to cages, as are the reptiles. Now if we can teach the spiders to stay outside…..)

  2. Dittos…although a king snake is great for keeping down rodents AND poisonous snakes. (Also scaring off most, not all, two-legged creepy things.)

  3. Agree, but the life expectancy of such varmints inside my house is short, unless the slitheree dee is non poisonous.

  4. There’s no more need to squash every spider one sees than to kill every snake one sees. Even rattlesnakes and copperheads have their place, keeping down rodents and helping farmers that way.
    I can disagree almost entirely with PETA without signing onto irrational fear of things that creep.

  5. Governor to PETA . .

    Kansas citens to Mr. AG Holder on their gun control law passed that AG holder is so angry about he will sue . .

  6. How many dogs does PETA kill EVERY YEAR? PETA is a bunch of hypocrites on wheels – disgusting fools.

    Here is an great alternative to PETA – PERV

    Join PERV – People for the Ethical Regard of Vegetables.
    * How would you like to be separated from your nether regions, plunged into a boiling cauldron of oil or water and then eaten?
    * How would you like to have your genitalia cut off and used to decorate churches, houses and the bosoms of human females?
    * How would you like to have your unborn children put in a mill and ground up over the corpses of related species?
    * How would you like to have your head cut off so that people can play football on you?
    * And it’s a matter of your own health. Do you realise that leguminous vegetables such as peas and beans fix deadly nitrogen from the air, which could give you cancer?
    Act now! Send a large cheque to the Number Watch Cayman Island account to become a member of PERV. In return, you will receive a free catalogue of synthetised proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre (no fat, of course) with price list. Leave the flowers where they are in the field. You know it makes scents.
    From http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/2002%20February.htm

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