2 thoughts on “Solar Fraud in Florida: Developer sold ‘fake’ panels”

  1. How about the government having the panels inspected. If they work as well as UL rated ones, they should be approved.
    The article said SunPower sold them the panels. They should be able to have them certified.
    It sounds like this developer did not have the right political contacts. Otherwise he could get in on the Solyndra-type solar scams and get rich doing so.

  2. “Fake”, even in quotes is a stretch. Apparently they work fine they just lack a regulatory approval sticker which renders them unuseable on what I would call a technicality. Would be curious to see if there is another approval sticker on them, just not UL’s. There have been a few court cases involving restrant of trade and monopolistic practices arising when a municipality specifies “UL” exclusively as there are numerous other companies qualified to approve such devices.

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