Shot Down: EPA lead ammunition ban blocked by federal court

“There is quite simply no sound science that shows the use of traditional ammunition has harmed wildlife populations or that it presents a health risk to humans who consume game taken with such ammunition.”

A federal court on Thursday halted an effort by the Environmental Protection Agency to ban all ammunition containing lead, much to the dismay of gun control groups hoping to use environmentalism to “make an end run around the Second Amendment” right of access to ammunition, according to officials from several organizations representing gun owners and manufacturers.


9 thoughts on “Shot Down: EPA lead ammunition ban blocked by federal court”

  1. BTW…this news is good news. The ammunition industry is in a time of incredible demand, short supplies, and healthy profits. Flipping the market on its head would be a disaster. As well, the lions share of lead ammo is shot on ranges leading to confinement of the lead to an amazingly small area.

  2. The Federal action on lead shot for waterfowl was actually a move to prevent an injunction to halt the waterfowl season that EPA was going to enact through the courts. USFWS sets the seasons and responded (correctly in my opinion) to enact the ban to prevent the injunction. All arguments aside, science and technology addressed the change and we now have a host of non-tox options, some better than lead. Simplistic point…if you cant kill a duck under 30 yards with steel (even the first stuff), there’s other blood sports for you.

  3. Yes they had some success in the 90s – duck hunting on Federal reserves required steel shot . . and all that happened was many many more birds were wounded to die latter. the lighter weight steel would not kill the bird as well as lead.

    They argued that fish eat the lead shot and then it entered the food chain.

  4. Yes, they pulled it off. Lead shot has been banned for waterfowl for many years.

    The ecofascists claimed that 5 million ducks a year died from ingesting spent shot. They couldn’t produce any bodies. They claimed predators ate the dead ducks before they could be found.

  5. The EPA actually pays the econuts to sue for these kinds of cases. (they expect the opposite though. Next up, the EPA will pay them to take it to the USSC. The econuts have hundreds of lawyers looking for companies that have missed a deadline or implementation date on some obscure EPA rule so they can make even more money.

  6. Seems like USFWS tried to get lead removed from shotgun shells years ago. They claimed the lead shot would be ingested by waterfowl and would kill them. Anyone recall if they pulled it off? I’m not a waterfowl hunter so I had no interest in the issue at the time.

  7. Too bad we don’t have “loser pays” laws. CBD should have to pay NRA, NSSF, and SCI’s costs of fighting this crap.

  8. The rain put more lead in the lakes, streams and oceans in one good storm than all of human applications. The Grand Canyon was once flat . . the Himalayan canyons were once plateaus . . millions of tons of hazardous containing materials are taken to the lakes and rivers then oceans each day. Silly humans think we have the power to slow down or reverse nature is a fools errand.

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