Sen. Whitehouse apologizes for citing Oklahoma tornadoes in climate change speech reports:

Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has apologized for remarks Monday in which he linked Oklahoma “cyclones” to climate change while berating Republicans for their stance on the issue — around the time a massive tornado killed dozens in that state.

A Whitehouse spokesman said Tuesday the politically charged remarks were pre-written as part of the senator’s weekly Senate floor speech on climate change.


4 thoughts on “Sen. Whitehouse apologizes for citing Oklahoma tornadoes in climate change speech”

  1. I love it when people spout off about something which they have little or no knowledge. Reminds of of those in Hollywood who make foolish comments trying to show how smart and intellectual they are.

  2. He gives WEEKLY Senate Floor speeches on Climate change and does not immediately know that there is absolutely no data to substantiate his claim? Sadly, this is typical of our current politicians. Now he blames someone else. Also typical. Perhaps he should fire the person who wrote the speech and excuse himself from future speeches on Climate Change. Better yet, he could educate himself on the sad state of climate science. He could then make some meaningful speeches.

  3. And there have always been Democrats with totally unrealistic points of view that have no basis in fact, and they continue to prove it every time their mouths open.

  4. There have always been tornadoes, there have always been snow storms in the summer on occasion, and there has always been climate change..

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