6 thoughts on “Sen. Boxer: ‘Gina McCarthy is going to become the poster child of GOP obstructionism’”

  1. That is true now. That was my point. Obviously the trust fund exists and its exhaustion will trigger reductions in benefits to match the insufficient FICA.

    Right now people and firms are hording cash. Taxing those hordes and investing in debt reduction and infrastructure projects would help the economy.

  2. All FICA taxes are spent immediately. There is no trust fund. Increases in taxes accomplishes nothing, except another pall on the economy.

  3. The 1983 Social security reforms tried to pre-fund the effect of the baby boom bulge as insisted by the Randian Alan Greenspan. That meant that FICA would be more than benefit payments for a while leading to a build up in the Social Security Trust fund. Those excess funds had to be invested safely and were used to purchase government bonds. In effect the cost of government was paid in part by the excess in payroll taxes. The build up of the fund and the drawing down thereof was in the arithmetic. Now Social Security Benefits exceed FICA and other taxes have to cover the hole created by the loss of the excess payroll taxes and has to pay down the Social Security trust fund. Increased taxes are absolutely required. Yet the Republicans blindly fought all tax increases and agreed only to the half way measure of restoring tax rates over $400,000. This is not political disagreement, it is anti-American. As was Senator Grassly’s pulling out of the health care process. As was just about every Republican Action. What breaks my heart is that such blind obstruction waters down the needed actions to fight President Obama’s actual tyranny.

  4. “By taking the position that every and anything Obama would be fought, the Republicans lost their credibility.”

    “We better not fight that program, or it will look like we are just saying “no” to everything.”

    The Republicans should change their behavior to suit Democrat talking points?

    I have seen nothing the Republicans have fought that they should have fought. Indeed, I think they should have fought even more than they have. The opposition party should provide . . . opposition.

  5. The science or lack thereof is a valid concern. By taking the position that every and anything Obama would be fought, the Republicans lost their credibility. It’s the cat and hot stove thing,

    That breaks my heart because our government is infested with Naderites, and they hurt us terrifically.

    For example our recent economic problems was driven in large part by the Nader policy of allowing mortgagees to refinance their debt at no cost to them. That lead to massive transfers of wealth from lenders to debtors, and set the stage for the upside down mortgages people cry about. Air bags, another Nader policy, has been a horrendous waste of money. The Toyota fiasco was driven by a Nader guy. Etc Etc Etc

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