4 thoughts on “Pickens: Obama would be ‘a fool’ to reject Keystone XL”

  1. I greatly prefer a capitalist dressed up as an environmentalist to a charlatan (pronounced ‘ael gor) dressed up as an environmentalist.

  2. T. Boone Pickens is a consummate capitalist and an opportunist. He knows that Keystone will be good for the US economy. He only dressed up as an environmentalist when the government was shoveling out cash for ‘green energy’ projects, and brought home a truckload for his promised west Texas wind farm. This time I must say I have to agree with his position.
    As far as Mexico is concerned, he seems to view Mexico as a de facto part of the US which can supply an almost endless stream of low-cost manual labor.

  3. How can he call Mexico an ally? After all they encourage their population to come to America and live off our welfare, health care and education systems. Rather than eliminate the corruption in Mexico they find it easier to send their people here and send money back to Mexico.

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