Photo: Warmists at San Jose State about to burn book by skeptic

May have been intended as humor, but it’s about as funny as a Holocaust joke.

Pictured Dr. Alison Bridger and Dr. Craig Clements.


Bridger quote:

“Global warming is like smoking cigarettes,” Bridger said. “We won’t worry about it till 30 years down the road. But like lung cancer, you will have no place to run or hide.”

Clements quote:

We’re always lecturing on CO2 emissions, and this is kind of a hands-on validation that cars are emitting high amounts of CO2.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Warmists at San Jose State about to burn book by skeptic”

  1. Throughout history only the uneducated fanatics who hate dissent burn books. Here we have a couple of university professors burning a book.

  2. On top of all the CO2 and soot that the burning book will emit, what about the room full of furniture that’s also about to catch fire?

  3. “What traitors books can be! You think they’re backing you up, and they turn on you. Others can use them, too, and there you are, lost in the middle of the moor, in a great welter of nouns and verbs and adjectives.”
    – Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, Part 2

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